Black and whited this photo because I really like it



Black and whited this photo because I really like it


In honor of followers


So thanks to the suggestion of Togekiss mun I have an idea I can get on board and have it at my own pace.

Since Halloween is my fave holiday thing I’ll be doing special types of gifts/request for the entire next month.

To qualify you just need to be a follower and reblog this post with the answer to the following question:

What would your poke be for Halloween?
(No cosplay, classic/traditional costumes only. Only pick one pokemon from your blog so include an image to that characters reference image)

You will have until September 30th to make sure your request is in. Anything after will be ignored.

(( Zackiel would be a vampire. Being a dark type and a goth, he enjoys the shade more than the sun ))

Hey can Keshnu and Rach mega evolve?

Keshnu: The Norbu, my family name, mega stone was specifically made for Medicham of my family line. The stone allows the Medicham to mega evolve according to mood. Bad mood makes the demon form, while good mood makes the angelic form.

Isolde seems to be popular with Banettes. But yeah, I actually like these two. I ship ‘em :D

This is the last of the K’s. Feel free to send more, though. If you sent one already, you may send another :3

Can Levi have a K? ovo



((best thing about having a canine muse is that you can make them lick people if you’re unsure about how well you draw kisses))

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Virgil: And I’ll have you know that your son slashed off my head crest!

Oswald: Yeah? Did he? Eheheh, good job, Victor.

ZACK WINS <3 wellobviouslyImeanlikewasthereanydoubt*shot*

Hexel, it’s a kiss, not a lick. Don’t lick that, man. It’s technology 8I

Yeah, Hexel needed some love, so I drew him. Plus Porygons are genderless so

Zackiel’s weakness and biggest turn-on: his wife’s breasts. He loves them~ 

As soon as I got this number, I knew this would be good. I had some trouble picking a pose, but eventually I settled with a pose where the goths are on a bed in a romantic/steamy setting. 

This is kinda suggestive, but I think y’all can handle it :3

May Levi have a K?


5. Firm Kiss

…Well, as firm as a two and a half foot ferret can be against a larger Pokémon, anyway.

So I finished the majority of my K’s and have three left. 

I’M STILL ACCEPTING MORE I just need to go to bed nao ;u; send me more K’s!!